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Pretty Funny!

pretty decent animation, and funny ending!

Cannot Be Simply Put into Words.

All aspects change from a 3rd person perspective. People are always unclear the emotion and inspiration others may have. Only through the art one can establish a connection to others. Only the art can show our hearts.

An emotional rollercoaster... In a good way.

This a serious piece of work. The characters are simple, but the story goes so deep, my body is shaken to its very bone. It shows the racism of the real world in a similar story to Romeo and Juliet. Two lovers that come from different sides that are never to be together come together despite the odds, and in the final time of judgment they are separated and try to live without each other which brings to tragedy. I can't wait to see the big finally! Kudos to this masterpiece it deserves towards the top!

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The game is alright, but it needs some polish, and preferably some music. Although the cheering crowd in the background is a nice touch, I don't feel it is a good substitute to real music.

At one point in stage 4 I got the ball into the goal (arched it up and over, then it bounced off the back wall and in) and it registered as a miss.

It seems like a complete game, and if you're into this kind of game, go for it, but realize that until a couple details are fixed, it may seem lack-luster.

Best game I've rated all week!

This game has every requirement fulfilled and then some!
I only played through the first level (time constraints on my part), but from everything I played/viewed this game is quite fun!

Let's start with the cutscene. The cutscene give story and gives the player a goal which qualifies 2 of the 4 main requirements to be a game.

Getting the orders in on time while managing customers gives the player challenge and giving the player a tip for being efficient is an effective is incentive to play further.

The music is ambient and simplistic but effective and offers a good feel for being a pancake chef.

The interface is well constructed and the tutorial to use it is made quite well.

The art is good and animations are even better. I found it satisfying watching the pancake sizzle when I flipped it for the first time.

This game gets 4 stars for creativeness, well constructed environment and story, slightly addictive gameplay, well constructed interface and well fitting music, and qualifies as a game many times over.

I hope to see this favorited much more.

Good game development at work.

This game is well constructed and far exceeds the minimum requirements.
Honestly one of the better games I have reviewed this week.

Art is about average and gameplay is quite sound.
It would be interesting to see more levels (maybe have a longer distance in later levels) while keeping the 60 second time range.

Some distinction between Menu and game music will help add a separation of game in menu.

Where to improve:
--Although this game is well-developed it is lacking substance. Adding some kind of effect when you catch the mosquitoes will give the play a more satisfied feel for catching the mosquitoes, which will encourage others to play more.

--There may be one level, but there isn't anything completely wrong with that, just keep in mind that if a game is too short people lose interest just as fast. Try adding more levels and diversity(something as simple as a different area each time the user starts the game) to give the player a feel of exploration while keeping it simple.

What to keep:
--Keep everything else the same (or at least close to it)! I very much enjoyed this game and would love to see the direction you may go with it next!

This game has earned 3 stars for meeting the minimum requirements with flying colors while giving a good sense of a complete game. Keep up the good work!

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Good beat, but it's missing something...

The bass is okay, I was getting pretty excited when you said it was going to be heavy. I prefer more of the heavy where the bass stands out really well.

HouseMasta responds:

Go check out my Tetris Dirty remix

Much Much Better!

I played B before this, this is way better!

Thank god somebody notices!

9/10 of the time people NEVER include the part with the synthesizer.. but somebody finally got it right! haha sweet! The song is never complete without that deep sound in the background. You, my friend are more legitimate than more than half of the people who try to make this song!

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